Exists different kinds of aromas attributes. What we are meaning when we are saying this essential oil has a particularly aroma.  

Balanced — None of the essential oils components overcome the others in the aroma. For Example: Lavender

Diffusive — When the essential oils aroma is around the air and permeates the environment. For Example: Ylang Ylang

Dry — A dry essential oils aroma means a floury aroma, like sand, chalk, or powder. For Example: Patchouli

Fresh — It is a stimulating aroma that rejuvenated yourself. For Example: Citrus oils like Lemon.  

Harsh — The essential oils that smell harsh have an unprocessed and not balance. For Example: Thyme thymol

Heavy — The aromas that heavier that the rest stay in the air longer and the aroma feels oppressive and overwhelming. For Example: Jasmine

Light — A light aroma of the essential oil mean is delicate and easy evaporations. For Example: Neroli

Musty — This kind of essential oils have a unique and very particular aroma like a dry smell of old books and paper. For Example: Patchouli

Rich — When an aroma is rich mean floods the mind with sensation beyond tolerance. The rich essential oils have a high concentration of aroma. For Example: Rose 

Sharp — A sharp aroma is very penetrating and powerful. For Example: Lemon 

Sweet — (my favorite) Sweet aroma essential oils are very pleasing, soft, delicate and fragrant. For Example: Neroli

Smooth — A smooth characteristic means the essential oil aroma is soft, sweet, and balsamic. For Example:Sandalwood  

Warm — An aroma is conceder warm when produces the sensation of warmth and coziness. For Example: Ginger

Many oils can have more that one characteristic, and that what make each unique and special.  

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