Anise - Latin name: Pimpinella anisum.  

1-Digestive discomfort support Anise seed is known to aid digestion and to have an antispasmodic effect. Anise has been used to nourish and support digestive processes. As a personal opinion massage the belly with a few drop of anise essential oil is the best after a big meal and discomfort.  

2-Respiratory Support Another fantastic use of Anise oil is for an occasionally cough due to a cold or the flu. The sharp properties of Anise appear to decrease the viscosity of mucus.  

3-The unique aroma   The Anise seeds and essential oils aroma is warm, radiant, spicy, herbaceous and sweet. The aroma is very unique and very easy to recognize.  

4-Anise has emotional and energetic qualities Anise essential oil aroma has an emotionally warming effect in people. This unique oil boots and comforts the mind. As well can help people who are shy to open up.  

5-Menstrual dysfunctions support It has been found that in cases of amenorrhoea and dysmenorrhea, Anise essential oil may helps menstrual flow and alive discomfort. It is not recommended for woman who experience heavy bleeding.  


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