Mild Neck pain can be cause by stress, headaches, muscle strain or poor posture. Essential oils may help relieve neck pain in these mild cases.  

Coriander essential oil is an effective analgesic. Other amazing quality on the coriander essential oil is that can relax the mind and promote feeling of well-being. May also help with inflammation, like arthritis.  

Coriander Massage

For 1 treatment:


1 tablespoon of jojoba oil 

8 drops of coriander essential oils


1-In small bowl add the ingredients and stir to combine. 

2-Using your fingertips massage the back of the neck. 

3-If its possible rest 10 minutes before resuming your activities or for best results do it at night before bed.  

4-Repeat up to 3 tips a day until systems disappear.

Enjoy it!

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